Why SEO Is Still Important

SEO should be applied when you want people to visit your website

SEO is one of these mystery words that keeps lingering around the internet especially when we discuss web design and web development. SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a technique used by web developers to enhance web design and ensure better rankings in the search engines.


What Exactly Is SEO And How Does It Work?

To understand what SEO can do for your website or online shop, we have to take a look at the search engines first. The best kept secret of any search engine (Google, Yahoo and some others) is their search query algorithm.

The search query algorithm determines which results Google will show on its first page, second page and so further. But the algorithm also determines who ranks on the first, second and third place.

Every website wants to be on the first page, and the first position of the Google search results. With nearly 480,000 new websites launched daily, this is merely an impossible.

We as web developers can not alter the Google search query algorithm, but what we can do is alter the content and code of our website design in such a way that the search engines will favor our content. These techniques combined are called SEO, and is a complex process as everyone seems to be doing it. SEO exists of about 300 different techniques that can be applied to ensure a website ranks well in the search engines.


Why SEO Is Still Relevant And Effective Today

You would think that when the above is common knowledge, then everyone must be doing it. Well here comes the surprise, only 1.2% of all websites worldwide is properly optimized for the search engines. Therefore, there is still a lot to be gained from optimizing your websites well for the search engines.

Some people mention that SEO is dead. However, this is not true. As long as there is text used in websites, the more relevant SEO will become. Today there is more online content published than in any other moment in human history. This makes SEO still extremely relevant. However, the SEO game has become tougher and more expensive, as today you don’t deploy SEO once on your website and let it ride. SEO is a continuous process as the internet keeps evolving

What About The Google Advertisements, Are These SEO Too?

When you deploy a search query in the Google search engine, the first page will show 10 search results. Sometimes at the top, bottom and side there are some results marked as Ads, or advertisement. These “search” results are not part of the actual Google search results, but are paid advertisement triggered by the search query. Some people actual bid on theses keywords, and get their advertisements shown. A very effective way of advertising.


SEO Today

SEO should be applied when you want people to visit your website. The more targeted the SEO is deployed, the better it is for the search engines. Fresh and new content frequently is a very effective way to attract new targeted traffic to your website pages. SEO should be part of your web development design plan!

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