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With a DFC website you will outscore your competitor. Thanks to our in-house developed web development strategies and modern web designs, your responsive website will look and feel astonishing. Our websites work on every device! We always keep your websites up-to-date and well-protected.

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We have several SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google advertising specialists available to drive more targeted traffic to your website. SEO and Google Ads are part of our marketing mix. SEO is the long-term strategy, and Google Ads will drive immediate traffic. Our highly-skilled marketing freelancers will convert visitors to users, for the lowest budget possible.

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Vismeester Frank

Vismeester Frank is a small vendor which sells fish in Zeist, the Netherlands. The website is completely designed according to their style in cooperation with DigiMenuBox. The website is served to display the essential details (opening hours, location and phone number).

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Klassieke Koppen

Klassieke Koppen is a website about portraits placed in classic artworks. This Dutch website was made with the intention to show a luxurious product display. We used a black-white contrast and some grey accents.

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Bonte Koe Praktijken

Bonte Koe Praktijken focuses mainly on psycho-social therapy, relationship and family therapy, training and coaching. The main goal of the website is to explain as much as possible to the visitor about the therapies. The website is made with the colours shown in the cow logo.

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Pura provides financial advice to businesses and workers. The website shows all the available services and shows the main focus which is advice about pensions.

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Toldot Yossef- Synagogue Project

Toldot Yossef is a synagogue in Israël. The Toldot Yossef Synagogue Project wants to build a brand new Synagogue. The website has a custom-made donation-system and an English and Hebrew version of the website. The donation-system is currently halted due to the Corona virus.

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DigiMenuBox is a company based in the Netherlands, which builds Digital Signage Systems for the food industry. The website gives a good showcase of the system with many examples of their presentations.

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ChocoHunters is a mobile game for Android and IPhone. The game is currently in its testing phase. The client wanted a website to show their cool artwork and game-features. Important to note: the company didn't want a mobile-version of the website.

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Merlins Online Services

Merlins Online Services is a content and social media management company based in the Netherlands. They partnered with The Digital Freelance Company since September 2019. The Merlins Online Services website shows a simple portfolio and is created to boost the "Call-To-Action" to contact the company.

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MaRo B.V.

MaRo B.V. sells Douglas wood products. The web shop features more than 700 products. The web shop system is built with the WooCommerce system, and within a WordPress environment. DFC has made a custom WordPress theme for the web shop with a very special product-page.

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Jonker Group

Jonker Group Watch Distribution sells popular watches to jewelry stores. Jonker Group is licensed to sell brands like Fiyta, Lamborghini Watches and JEEP Watches. Jonker Group wanted a website displaying professionalism and quality. After some revisions the client is 100% satisfied with the end result.